We bring 20+ years of education, clinical experience and continued learning. Your treatments will be nourishing & rejuvenating.

women's health

By emphasizing balance, Acupuncture and herbal medicine have the power to relieve various female-specific symptoms. Dave focuses on a woman’s nature’s cyclical rhythms, her emotional and spiritual needs to take healing to a deeper, more lasting level. Treatments are intended to educate, as well as facilitate healing of physical symptoms.


men's health

Acupuncture and herbs can be beneficial for supporting all of the unique challenges and changes that occur as men age. Chinese herbs and Acupuncture are a great addition to any man’s healthy routine. It can support physical health, fertility, address prostate inflammation and help maintain hormonal balance.

pain & sports injuries

Sports are competitive in nature. When athletes compete, they sometimes push themselves beyond normal limitations, which can result in injury. Subsequently, you will want to get back out on the rink, field, court or trail as soon as possible and acupuncture can help.

whole health wellness

internal medicine

Internal functions are vital to our well being.  Maintaining a high standard of care is important to ensure that we continue to work well from the inside out.  Oriental Medicine, specifically herbal medicine, has been proven to have a significant influence on healing the body internally.

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