medicinal herbs

What are Medicinal Herbs?

Herbal remedies are made from plant materials that are used to treat disease and maintain optimum health. They have been consumed since the beginning of mankind.

Historically, many conventional pharmaceuticals originated from a single active ingredient of a herbal plant. Aspirin originated from the bark of willow trees and digoxin (a medicine used to treat heart failure) comes from the foxglove plant. Scientists goals are to identify the active ingredient of a plant, isolate it, and produce it on a large scale in a laboratory. On the contrary, herbal medicines, which may contain up to a dozen or more different ingredients, use only the whole plant. Herbal theory states that all the active elements are in balance within a plant and so it's important to keep them together. The different components are more powerful and also less harsh on the digestive system, through the presence of the others.

Herbs are generally prescribed in powdered, capsule, or tea pill form. Chinese herbs consist of many natural substances, from bark, flowers, roots, leaves, and twigs. They are generally administered 3 times per day, half hour before meals.

Herbs are prescribed to meet your specific needs. As such, each prescription is custom-tailored to address your condition. The quality and potency of our herbal products meet the strict laboratory standards set by U.S. GMP. Whenever possible, our herbal products are organic and kosher.

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